Municipal Elections 2013

Alberta 2013 Municipal Elections Public Forums & Questionnaires to Candidates

The following is a listing of candidacy public forums and results to questionnaires and polls put to candidates by Alberta based organizations to help inform the public on issues where candidates for the municipal elections stand. PIA doesn't necessarily support any of the organizations positions or endorsements. 

School Board Trustee Candidates Responses

Candidates for school boards from Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Medicine Hat filled out an extensive survey from PIA’s Education task force. The survey explores a wide range of issues, including their priorities, the roles of the trustee, education funding, privatization and school infrastructure. Click here to see the responses...

This list is organized by municipality and name of organization hosting the event or poll. 

Grande Prairie
Red Deer



The Arusha Centre for Sustainability and Social Justice - Recently has been bring to light the influence and interest of developers at Calgary's city hall. See some of their latest actions on their facebook page

Calgary and District Labour Council - Meet Your Candidate - Throughout the months of September and October, the Calgary and District Labour Council will be holding a series of free public forums for both school board and municipal candidates this election season. All these events are open to the public and they're free. You can visit for more details and the schedule of events in Calgary.

2013 CivicCamp Forum - Throughout September and October, CivicCamp in Calgary is hosting municipal forums around the city. Check out the schedule here. See the Civiccamp questions to candidates.

Vote Kit Calgary - We are a group of volunteers who have come together with the single goal of increasing voter turnout. 


ActivatED - ActivatED recognizes that municipal issues in Edmonton are highly complex; the importance of a well-informed, genuinely forward-thinking City Council is crucial to navigating decisions that shape our present and future city. Based on our research, ActivatED will be endorsing a candidate we find to be the most progressive, forward-thinking, and strategically strong in each Ward.

Centre for Public Involvement - Municipal elections provide an opportunity for both citizens and candidates for elected office to consider the health of democracy. See the poll results!

Edmonton Early Years Coalition - This coalition asked how will Municipal Candidates across the city will support Early Child Development. See their responses to their survey here...

Members of the Citizens' Panel on Edmonton's Energy and Climate Challenges asked the Mayoral candidates for responses to a brief questionnaire about support for Panel recommendations. As answers come in, we're posting them to the Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) blog

City of Edmonton - Edmonton Elections will be hosted a series of all-candidate forums from September 30 to October 10, 2013. 

Edmonton's LGBTQ community - Vote Smart! Capital Club Edmonton and Area 2013 LGBTQ Election Survey. See the results...

Our LRT The OurLRT Campaign approached all candidates to see where they stand on privatizing our public transit system, and how they feel about making decisions with no public input or oversight. Click here for responses to our survey from candidates and those who did not respond.

The Local Good - Is a Edmonton hub for green and local living is posting responses from candidates on a survey regarding key local, progressive issues, as well as other resources pertaining to the municipal election. Check it out...

The Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton - #yegvotesarts Campaign - Check out candidates’ verbatim answers to our #yegvotesarts survey on our Facebook page and our Tumblr blog. We are posting them as they come in. When we have received as many responses as possible we’ll group them in a PDF and offer them on our website for your perusal.

Grande Prairie

The Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Municipall Election Forum on Thursday, October 17th in Teresa Sargent Hall. Read more...


Red Deer

The City of Red Deer has a listing of public community forums for candidates from issues of real estate, education to health, hosted by various community groups. See the list here...

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