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A great number and complexity of human-rights abuses have been heaped on a new Canadian (I have his Power of Attorney) by legal, social-service, financial and other people/agencies. Many documents confirm severe violations of Criminal Code, anti-discrimination, and other CDN and international laws and standards. Those in power-positions casually disregarded clear evidence, or chose viewpoints as narrow as if pushing concrete through a soda straw.

I am a human-service volunteer with a three-decade international track record, but my careful study and documentation are as nothing before this tsunami of bully-belittling by those obliged to UPHOLD Canada's stated respect for rights and freedoms.
Several years of such abuses have drained hope and spirit from a blameless person. I too am feeling hopeless of justice for him; and he is likely not the only one so severely abused. WHAT can be done?

Thanks for your comment, Sheryl. We look forward to seeing you again in the future!

Thank you for hosting Vandana Shiva! This ties in so closely with what I am working on. Albertans do not have adequate protection from pesticides. It seems many people are unaware of how serious this is and that no laws exist to protect us. I am hoping that you can help me bring awareness and encourage politicians to make necessary changes that most other Canadians benefit from.

how is this $9.05 hr for servers jobbs? why is this still not changed after more than thirty years? where is this "living-wage"? and this is still well under minimum? what about provinces where people go to school and pay to be licensed servers? it does mean they are professionally trained, with standards? so now we dont even get a raise at all?

Conferences such as PIA's "Make Shift Happen" are a good starting point! Connect and coordinate like-minded groups: Focus on intersections of various groups’ interests to create the critical mass needed for change. Connecting groups will foster a feeling of solidarity that serves as a source of strength and hope – we’re not in it alone!

Ways to mobilize: Work with others to speak and advocate for strong values and strong communities.

To mobilize, let's assert that politicians be accountable to people’s concerns through voting, lobbying, media and direct action.

Let's celebrate the power of the invaluable daily, community, and spiritual relationship we have with water.

What we learn from the young: Courage is not the absence of fear, but feeling it, recognizing it, and acting regardless. That is what I learned from Brigette DePape.

My congrats to Larry Booi on his articulate and inspiring letter featured in today's Dec 6 The Journal. As usual, Larry is bang on in terms of the needed direction for Trustees. "Use it or lose it" are the five most powerful words spoken in the trustee arena in some time. As a Catholic Trustee candidate in the October 2010 election, I ran on a platform based on the importance of a governance model of democratically elected trustees. I also pledged to be visible in the community, connected to our schools and school councils, receptive and responsive. I too have disdain for the secrecy of in-camera meetings and the ruse of Public Meetings that are re-enactments of feigned democracy. Larry Booi, you have inspired me to proudly ask to be a member of PIA.

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