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Public Interest Alberta releases Election Advocacy Plan Public Interest Alberta is releasing “A Fair and Just Alberta: Priorities for Change,” designed to serve as a key resource for individuals and organizations in the coming provincial election. Apr. 07, 2015 Media Releases, PIA, Proportional Representation, Democracy, Childcare, Post-Secondary Education, Education, Environment, Human Services & Poverty, Seniors, Privatization
Cuts to public services will impact on all Albertans The Alberta Government’s 2015-16 budget was released today and brought in some modest changes to our revenue system that will increase the tax load on average Albertans without touching the huge tax... Mar. 26, 2015 Media Releases, PIA, Post-Secondary Education, Education, Environment, Human Services & Poverty, Seniors
AHS accepts eviction and banning without due process A woman was evicted from the care centre she has been living in for five years and transferred to hospital without the family’s prior knowledge or consent because a family member was publicly... Mar. 24, 2015 Media Releases, PIA, Seniors
Government not listening to Albertans' priorities in its own survey The results of the Alberta government’s survey clearly shows that the majority of Albertans do not want the government to cut public services and instead are calling for a progressive... Mar. 23, 2015 Media Releases, PIA
Huge corporate profits raise questions about privatization of seniors care Public Interest Alberta has released documents obtained through a freedom of information request that raise a number of serious issues and questions about the Conservative... Mar. 23, 2015 Media Releases, PIA, Seniors, Privatization
Poll reveals majority of Albertans oppose cuts and see PSE as a public good Public Interest Alberta in partnership with undergraduate students, graduate students, staff unions, and faculty associations from across the province is launching a public... Feb. 27, 2015 Media Releases, PIA, Post-Secondary Education
Public Interest Alberta releases survey report: “Alarm Bells Ringing: Voices from Schools” Feb. 09, 2015 Media Releases, PIA, Education
Alberta could have had an extra $18.7 billion since 2001 if we did not cut corporate taxes Feb. 05, 2015 Media Releases, PIA, Education
Families Suffering Due to Underfunding of Care System Public Interest Alberta’s Seniors Task Force released a Long-Term Care position paper today that calls on the Prentice government to fix the growing crisis in seniors care. Dec. 16, 2014 Media Releases, PIA, Seniors
EDMONTON, AB - A rally was held in front of MP Peter Goldring’s office today, International Human Rights Day, to demand answers to why the Conservative government is pushing through legislation that will allow provinces to deny refugee claimants access... Dec. 10, 2014 Media Releases, PIA, Human Services & Poverty
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